Blueprints for Change is an open library of advocacy how-to’s put together by campaign innovators in order to help progressive organizers and groups up their game more quickly.

Our guide topics are sourced from community requests and are then co-created and peer-reviewed by a dedicated crew of volunteer helpers as well as a network of practitioners, organizers, and researchers who have experience bringing this work to life.

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The “blueprints” we are talking about are collaborative how-to guides designed to capture, communicate and inform innovative campaigning strategies and tactics. This project focuses on how-to’s drawn from campaigning practices that are emergent (new and not yet fully documented), in demand by campaigning groups and field-proven (have been applied with success in prior campaigns).

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The goal of this project is to co-create useful resources that help organizers and campaigners around the world “up their game” quickly. With more agile strategies and execution, we’ll be better equipped to make progressive social change happen at a time when we really need more of it. We want to compile knowledge and direct experience to make shared best practices freely accessible for as many progressive campaigners as possible. We also want everyone who contributes to feel respected and empowered in the process.

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We’re always looking for more good people to help with this. Want to join us?