The Blueprints for Change Progressive Organizing and Campaigning Manual (2019)

The Blueprints for Change Progressive Organizing and Campaigning Manual is a compilation of all guides produced through Blueprints for Change up till November 2019. This PDF doc, which is full of internal links for easy navigation, also contains information on the project, its policies, values and a full list of all contributors.

We are very happy to offer this bundle of hard work and collective wisdom to progressive organizers and campaigners everywhere! This Manual represents two years’ worth of work and the contributions of over 100 campaign innovators and groups.

What you’ll find within:

  • 14 detailed how-to guides on cutting-edge approaches to progressive organizing and mobilizing
  • totalling over 180 pages
  • bakes in the field experiences and insights of over 100 progressive campaign innovators from across the world!

This document is offered as a free download below. We do want to keep this document circulating in progressive circles only as much as possible. For this reason, we ask for some signup information below to get to the download. As with everything, our handling of your privacy and digital security follows our Digital Security Principles expanded here.

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