About the GGSN

About the GGSN

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Quick description

Founded in June of 2022, the Global Grassroots Support Network (GGSN) is a community of practice that brings together projects and individuals supporting “grassroots justice-oriented”* activist groups in multiple regions and continents.

Who funds and coordinates the GGSN?

The Global Grassroots Support Network currently has a single funder, a core Coordination team and a larger team of Regional Coordinators.

Who is currently part of the GGSN?

Our network is currently made up of over 90 seasoned grassroots organizers, campaigners, coaches and more. They come from Africa, Australia/New Zealand, Europe, Latin America, North America and South Asia.

Who can benefit from joining the GGSN?

Our network is focused on supporting grassroots activism and advocacy. The range of struggles included in our membership is unpacked further below but what unifies all of them is a transformational agenda, as opposed to service delivery, development or aid programs, as they are traditionally designed.

How we interact and share with each other

In its current year, this network is facilitated by Principal coordinator Kenzie Harris, Project manager Tom Liacas and Supporting coordinator Ines Lepage. Folks who join the GGSN can commit the time they have available to participate in exchanges, or simply benefit from the collective knowledge being shared. 

Values & how we live them

Blueprints for Change and its Global Grassroots Support Network are values-driven projects. We are all trying to go beyond our comfort zones and usual networks of peers to create something inclusive and empowering for all involved.

Join the GGSN!

Does the GGSN sound like a network you'd like to be a part of? Review the final checklist of info to review and the secure signup form.

Defining ‘grassroots’ and how we define ‘justice-oriented’ activist groups

We have used the term ‘justice-oriented’ activist groups to contain the many intersecting fights for justice that unite us.  Communities are affected differently and unequally by oppressive conditions based on race, socio-economic status, class, gender, age, dis(ability), sexuality, and other social identities. The characteristics of one aspect of injustice and its intersections with other identities cannot exist separately

What has the GGSN produced so far?

If you're looking for a brief account that captures the original thinking behind the founding of the GGSN as well as outcomes from it's first year of existence, we recommend this Medium post written by GGSN Project Manager, Tom Liacas (a 7 minute read).