WhatsApp uses for campaigning


WhatsApp is a mobile application used for one-to-one, group, or broadcast messaging. It is free, encrypted end-to-end, and is one of the most widely used mobile apps in the world, with over 4.93 billion active users in 2018. 

In advocacy and movement building, WhatsApp can be used for communication between campaigners, a platform for supporter community building, a way to activate distributed networks and a channel for crowdsourced knowledge. 

Input and resources for this framework were provided by: 

Sanam Sutirath Wazir (Amnesty India), Mario Alvarado (Amnesty International / El Avispero), Paul de Gregorio, Issa Amro (Youth Against Settlements), Naindeep Singh (Jakara Movement) 

This guide was prepared and reviewed by: 

Sarah Ali, Tom Liacas, Chris Alford, Paul de Gregorio, Mario Alvarado 

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