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Tools and Resources

Guides, trainings, worksheets and other materials for supporting grassroots activist work. Donated by members of the GGSN and open to public sharing with other like-minded groups! >>Click on titles below to open full articles

Storytelling for Deep Impact Course

This FREE course is designed to help grassroots groups understand the basics of  powerful storytelling to change hearts and minds and specifically to win over “moveable middle” audiences.

Making Your Activism Accessible


This guide was developed to support activists in making their spaces, events, meetings and communications more accessible, in order to ensure that everyone is welcome and encouraged to join a movement for justice in whatever way they can!

Campaign Communications Course


This FREE course is designed to help grassroot groups to understand the basics of public communications for building a convincing, winning campaign.

Navigating Turnover in Activist Groups


Grassroots groups, especially student-led groups, face a high risk of dissolving because their members don’t stay on for long, which creates challenges in momentum building.

Building networked coalitions


When multiple groups and organisations come together to work on a campaign, they often opt to collaborate together in a coalition. Coalitions, however, have garnered a reputation for causing campaigners headaches due to their frequently slow, bureaucratic and top-down decision-making processes.

Digital security basics for campaigners


Blueprints for Change how-to guides are put together by campaign innovators in order to help progressive organizers and groups up their game more quickly.

Support and coaching techniques for remote groups


As digital group-work tools make it easier to coordinate teams at a distance, campaigns that access them can now scale rapidly and build collective impact through distributed organizing (see our guide on this for more).

Fundraising Tracker Sheet: Template


This Google sheet template was developed to track fundraising sources, something many grassroots campaigners, organizers and support staff have trouble with. This template is designed to help you and your organization plan, track, and forecast fundraising goals for the year.