Ask questions / answer questions

Our new project, the Rapid Q+A channel, joins up with the current Guides and Manual  sections but operates more like an FAQ or ‘knowledge-base’.

We invite all progressive organizers/campaigners to submit quick tactical questions: Ex. What is the best way to recruit new supporters in the socially-distanced era? or How do I best make use of X tool or X platform for group decision-making?

>>Submit your question using the form linked here

Would you like to join our ‘Action Squad’ that looks at tactical questions we get from our community and when the question is right, offer a quick answer from experience or refer to another person/org or guide online that might have the answer?

  • You don’t need to know everything about all things, you just need to have some field experience organizing and campaigning that could be useful to others and also know who else out there is doing cool stuff that you could point to
  • Answering questions is optional (of course) and you are only expected to weigh in when you feel like it
  • All questions and answers will be amplified on social channels and sent out through our 1450-strong, global organizer/campaigner community list every 2 weeks to make sure others get to benefit from your wisdom

Help us make guides

Our international and multicultural volunteer team works collaboratively to compile peer-reviewed best practices that capture, communicate and inform innovative campaign strategies and tactics. We are all busy people and give time when we can, coordinating via various digital platforms to stay in touch and share information.

We do this work and offer our blueprints completely for free because we believe that the more progressive organizers that are equipped with these learnings, the more positive social change we will see in the world.

If this sounds like the kind of values-based, innovative community that you have always wished for, join us! We are always looking for additional progressive contributors, partners, and editors to join the project.

The first step is to follow the procedure and fill out the information outlined in the signup form embedded below. A Blueprints for Change bottom-liner will be in touch soon after you submit the form to discuss the project in greater detail, learn about what you bring to the project, answer any questions you may have, and figure out how to best utilize your talents.

>>Use this form to sign up to our Helper team and get to work making guides with us