Using Facebook Groups for organizing


While Facebook has come under a lot of criticism lately for its leaking of user data and its complicity in right-wing voter persuasion, dissemination of fake news… and the list goes on… it remains a social network that large segments of the population use daily and therefore cannot be dismissed as an organizing tool. For groups needing to reach out and build their base and mobilize people to come out to events, Facebook remains an important part of an organizer’s toolkit. 

Given that the conventional ways that organizations have used Facebook to reach out (through a Facebook Page), are generating diminishing reach (since Facebook changed its algorithm),  it’s important to explore how groups are making tactical use of the network through the platform’s Groups option.

Input and resources for this framework were provided by: 

Primary content for this guide was provided by Aram Fischer with the Indivisible Digital Toolkit Project – For more information about this effort, contact them at Thanks also to Nick Ballard of ACORN UK and Sarah Ali who contributed their experience. 

This guide was prepared and reviewed by: 

Aram Fischer, Tom Liacas, Sarah Ali, Chris Alford

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