Texting campaigns


Peer to peer texting is a method for contacting your base via text messages to deliver calls to action. Usually done at high volumes, it requires a P2P texting platform and a group of staff or volunteers to deploy the campaign. (True person to person texting, ie. texting one’s own contacts using your personal device as part of a campaign, would fall under the heading “phone/text banking” and will be treated in a separate how-to).

Input and resources for this draft were provided by: 

Daniel Souweine and the folks at Relay, Tony Kokkad and the folks at CallHub, Jessica McKenzie and her Civicist articles, ACLU People Power campaign organizer Nicole Fairall.

This draft was prepared and reviewed by: 

Tom Liacas, Tony Kokkad, Tania Mejia, Jessica McKenzie and Nicole Fairall.

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