Support and coaching techniques for remote groups


As digital group-work tools make it easier to coordinate teams at a distance, campaigns that access them can now scale rapidly and build collective impact through distributed organizing (see our guide on this for more). One of the challenges of this kind of organizing is that the lack of face time and direct human contact can lead to engagement and morale drop off. Several groups that have sparked remote teams and chapters have now developed ways to support these groups at a distance and maintain a sense of purpose and togetherness with their supporters no matter where they are.

Input and resources for this framework were provided by: 

Alison Brzenchek with Free Press, Sho Konno formerly with Restless Development, Juan Fernandez Ochoa with the Support. Don’t Punish campaign

This guide was prepared and reviewed by: 

Tom Liacas, Sho Konno, Cristina Calvillo-Rivera, Juan Fernandez Ochoa

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