Navigating turnover in activist groups


Grassroots groups, especially student-led groups, face a high risk of dissolving because their members don’t stay on for long, which creates challenges in momentum building. This guide includes; challenges faced by student organizers, strategies to support and guide new members and building institutional memory, plus further insight on student organizing best practices, organizing in a pandemic, wellbeing and motivation and recruitment and retention strategies.

Note: This guide is a compilation of grassroots knowledge intended for grassroots activists. It was developed as a rapid response to a question raised by organizers and so it applies a more simplified editing and vetting process.

Input and resources for this draft were provided by:

The Climate Justice Organizing HUB, drawing from its community and resources identified in the Attribution section of the guide.

This guide was prepared by: 

Kenzie Harris and Isabelle Grondin Hernandez

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