Apps and digital platforms for organizers TOOLS ROUNDUP


Modern organizing and campaigning is far from being a “digital-only” affair and while offline gatherings, election-based activities and group work may well happen offline, digital tools and platforms are often the vital thread that makes organizing large groups of people in networks possible without an army of staff or volunteers. Behind many of the leading new campaigns and movements, a set of digital tools and platforms are the glue that keep it all working together.

Overall, the best tools and systems that support organizing work should be relatively inexpensive, “plug and play” – in the sense that they can rapidly be set up and deployed to support programs – and accessible in the sense that they are user-friendly or based on platforms that supporters and organizers already use and therefore do not require special training or a long adaptation period.

Input and resources for this guide were provided by: 

Stuart Melvin, NetChange Consulting, Hannah Roditi, John Baimas, Chris Alford, Umme Hoque, Deepak Puri at DemLabs  

This guide was prepared and reviewed by: 

Tom Liacas, Stuart Melvin, Chris Alford, Umme Hoque

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