A/B testing for sendouts

Summary: A/B testing involves testing campaign communications online with your supporters. Most of the guide focuses on testing email communications, but you can also test web page formats and social media responses. The idea is to make a change and try two approaches (A/B) in order to measure, through response statistics, which approach gets the most uptake from audiences. It can be seen as a way of optimizing campaign communications but is also viewed as a form of active listening for many groups who want to campaign in ways that are better aligned with the interests of their supporter base.

Input and resources for this how-to were provided by: 

Amara Possian (ex Leadnow.ca) and Jon Lloyd (ex Sumofus.org), 

This how-to was prepared by: 

Amara Possian, Tom Liacas, Natasha Adams, Jon Lloyd 

Reviewed by: Michael Silberman, David Karpf

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