Global Grassroots Support Network

The Global Grassroots Support Network (GGSN) is an initiative building upon the Blueprints for Change project. The GGSN is building a community of practice that brings together projects supporting “grassroots justice-oriented”* activist groups in multiple regions and continents. Our objective is to share knowledge around common challenges that these groups face, and how each project has solved for them. Folks in this network can learn from each others’ experience and swap ideas for trainings, coaching and resource materials (i.e. guides, workshops, media) they created in their own part of the world.

Our community of practice is currently made up of 28 seasoned organizers residing in various locales including Australia, Canada, France, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Mexico, the U.S. and U.K. The organizers in our network work within institutions or groups that support grassroots organizers such as Climate 2025 (Africa), SOGI Campaigns (International),  Amnesty International (LATAM), the Climate Justice Organizing HUB (Canada) and Groupe stratégie XR (France), to name just a few.

>>If you’d like to join us, please sign up here!

The goal for the network is to compile our collective knowledge on best practices for supporting grassroots justice-oriented activist groups, to benefit from each others’ innovations, and ultimately improve support for grassroots movements around the world.

>>To learn more about the scope of the project, how we define “grassroots” and “justice-oriented” groups, see the project’s full About google doc here.

Current project status

The Global Grassroots Support Network is currently inviting projects that support grassroots groups around the world to join our community of practice and join exchanges via Slack, group calls and a secure document folder for sharing organizing templates with one another.

>>Sign up here if you are interested in joining the GGSN community.

We are currently conducting intake calls with projects in the network to assess top areas of challenge and interest, and to take inventory of resources that each project has to share with others.

We are also connecting with activists who can coordinate knowledge exchange in their regions, to compile challenges and bring solutions directly back to grassroots groups.

Based on what projects in our community tell us they want, and the challenges raised by activists in their part of the world, we will soon build on our existing Slack channel to set up group check-in calls, ‘show and tell’ sessions and find other engaging ways to share valuable content across the community.