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Who is currently part of the GGSN?

Our network is currently made up of over 100 seasoned grassroots organizers, campaigners, coaches and more. They come from Africa, Australia/New Zealand, Europe, Latin America, North America and South Asia. To widen our reach and get outside the usual circles of privilege and geography, we have started work with Regional Coordinators in Africa, Latin America, Southeast Europe, West Asia and South Asia.

For the security of activists that work under surveillance from repressive state and or corporate powers, we do not list our members publicly. New applicants to the GGSN are screened and, once accepted into the network, introduced to the rest of the group via online chats and group calls.


Map of the world showing locations that GGSN members join from

Map of the world showing locations that GGSN members currently join from


The people in our network work within institutions and groups or act as individuals that support grassroots organizers involved in anti-oppressive struggles related to climate justice, reproductive justice, LGBTQIAS+ rights, housing justice, workers rights etc.

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