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Who can benefit from joining the GGSN?

Our network is focused on supporting grassroots activism and advocacy. The range of struggles included in our membership is unpacked further below but what unifies all of them is a transformational agenda, as opposed to service delivery, development or aid programs, as they are traditionally designed.

The people in our network work within institutions and groups or act as individuals that support grassroots organizers involved in anti-oppressive struggles related to climate justice, reproductive justice, LGBTQIAS+ rights, housing justice, workers rights etc.

GGSN members can participate as representatives of an organization, or as individuals without being affiliated to an organization. People that can benefit from joining the GGSN include any organization representative or individual that provides support as outlined below.

What we mean by “support” and what kinds of skills and resources are shared within the GGSN

The GGSN enables mutual support and sharing around all activities that promote knowledge transfer on topics relevant to grassroots activists, or that increase the capacity of grassroots activists. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Coaching, training, mentorship
  • Developing educational tools
  • Holding convening spaces and establishing connections between activists
  • Developing campaigns to put knowledge into action
  • Care and wellbeing support for activists
  • Ongoing troubleshooting support for activist campaigns

The GGSN will be less relevant to your work if you are…

Looking for peers and expertise focused primarily on philanthropy, aid programs, development programs or advocacy programs led by large and structured Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

If however, you are involved in philanthropy, aid, development or are a member of an NGO but are interested in learning how to better support grassroots activists involved in advocacy, then you may benefit from joining this community.

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