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Founded in June of 2022, the Global Grassroots Support Network (GGSN) is a community of practice that brings together projects and individuals supporting “grassroots justice-oriented”* activist groups in multiple regions and continents. Our objective is to share knowledge around common challenges that people providing support to activists face, and how each member has solved for them.

GGSN members on a recent group call (anonymized for digital security)

Folks in this network can learn from each others’ experience and swap ideas for trainings, coaching and resource materials (i.e. guides, workshops, media) they created in their own part of the world. The goal for the network is to compile our collective knowledge on good practices for supporting grassroots justice-oriented activist groups, to benefit from each others’ innovations, and together,improve support for grassroots movements around the world.

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*We are using ‘justice-oriented’ to contain all struggles for justice. The sections below expand on the terms “grassroots” and “justice-oriented” to explain how our network understands them. Please see the ‘glossary of terms’ at the end of this document for italicized terms used throughout.

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