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How we interact and share with each other


In its current year, this network is facilitated by Principal coordinator Kenzie Harris, Project manager Tom Liacas and Supporting coordinator Ines Lepage. This project is built around the digital infrastructure and networks established by the Blueprints for Change project*


Folks who join the GGSN can commit the time they have available to participate in exchanges, or simply benefit from the collective knowledge being shared. 

Members of the GGSN are invited to join our dedicated Slack channel and mailing lists and typically exchange with each other in the following ways:

  1. Zoom calls. Calls to raise and discuss challenges, and topic-specific calls, held every 2 months.
  2. Slack/email. Challenges and resources from calls are thrown back to the group for further swapping of knowledge/resources.
  3. Resource databases. Members contribute their own tools and resources to these public libraries for the benefit of others. These include:
    1. A public collection of shared resources on Blueprints for Change and the Commons Library
    2. A secure drive containing shared tools and templates that not meant for public circulation, stored on Cryptpad 
    3. Knowledge round ups that compile responses to questions and challenges raised in calls from GGSN members. Some of which are made available in the public collection, while all are stored in the secure drive.

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