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Fundraising Tracker Sheet: Template


This Google sheet template was developed to track fundraising sources, something many grassroots campaigners, organizers and support staff have trouble with. This template is designed to help you and your organization plan, track, and forecast fundraising goals for the year.

It includes:

  •  Instructions for use
  • 5 sheets with placeholders to set your income categories, quarterly and annual goals, fundraising projections and confirmed income
  • Formulas to auto-tally your totals and auto-update each sheet
  • A summary sheet
  • Suggested customizations and tips and tricks

Quick link to access and download the template HERE*


Where this Resource comes from

This resource was developed by Wellington Water Watchers program manager, Dani Lindamood.

Wellington Water Watchers began in 2007 as a grassroots organization to oppose Nestlé Water Canada’s local water-bottling operations in Wellington County, Ontario, Canada. Today, they support grassroots leaders on the frontlines of water protection. They use a campaign-based approach to mobilize public support to protect water, and help connect the dots between local and systemic issues to move communities toward water justice.

Like many,  the Water Watchers team tried various approaches to fundraising tracking. While there is no universal solution, the hope is that the template their team developed and uses provides useful direction.


Purpose and relevance

This resource is intended for either grassroots activist groups, grassroots support staff or NGO staff. It is meant for tracking fundraising. It is NOT meant for tracking how finances are spent or managed.



This resource is formatted as a template, and is presented as an excel spreadsheet. It includes separate sheets and formulas to more easily track various fundraising sources.

Fundraising Tracker Sheet Template on Google Sheet

Download the template

Access and download the template HERE*


Dani Lindamood, Wellington Water Watchers

*If you find this template helpful and want to show your appreciation, you can make a donation to the Water Watchers (Wellington Water Watchers).

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