Contract offer: GGSN Regional Coordinator (Asia-Pacific Region)


Remote but in timezones that allow for regular conversations with people and groups in the Asia-Pacific region

Role Description:

The Global Grassroots Support Network (GGSN) is a community of practice that brings together projects and individuals supporting “grassroots justice-oriented”* activists in multiple regions and continents.

We are looking for Regional Coordinator that will help the network gain an understanding of which grassroots activist/advocacy groups are currently active in one or more countries within the Asia Pacific region and also which organizations currently support these groups.

Following an initial mapping and reporting phase, the Regional Coordinator will reach out to grassroots justice-oriented groups and supporting projects in the region and facilitate engagement with the rest of the Global Grassroots Support Network, for the benefit of all involved.

*See the following article for an expansion of our definitions of the terms ‘grassroots’ and ‘justice-oriented”:

Timeline and Compensation:

This contract will run from December 1st 2023 through till July 1st, 2024. It provides $6000 USD compensation for 145 hours of work total, which is usually distributed at 21 hours per month.

Qualifications Sought:

 To be considered for this position you need to meet the following criteria:
  • Have some experience and/or involvement with grassroots activism and/or advocacy, that seeks transformative social change
  • Have direct contacts or able to access networks of contacts to grassroots justice-oriented* activists in one or more countries in the Asia-Pacific region (East Asia, Southeast Asia and Oceania, excluding Australia and New Zealand)
  • Live in a timezone that allows for synchronous communication with people and groups in the regions outlined above
  • Be able to read, write and exchange functionally in English
  • Have access to a stable and steady Internet connection, be able to use Zoom for video calls and able to record your work on secure cloud platforms
*See the following article for an expansion of our definitions of the terms ‘grassroots’ and ‘justice-oriented”:


To apply for this role, please email with a copy of your most recent CV/resume. Deadline for applications is November 30th, 2023.