Any tips for organizing hybrid Online/Offline protests and actions?

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With covid being the reality for sometime still, do you have any advice on how to organize hybrid protests and actions that combine online and offline protest and actions?
I knows of one example of online training sessions to make placards, and then coordinated bike messengers showed up and took the placards to a physical protest installation – how else are people working around the pandemic?

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Asked on February 3, 2021
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I'm a singer/songwriter and toured Virginia in 2019 to help Democrats running for the state legislature by organizing in-person shows. In 10 shows we recruited just over 100 people to knock on doors and did some nominal campaign fundraising. When the pandemic hit, I had to change our 2020 plans for live touring. We organized 40 online shows for grassroots organizations and raised more than $45K and awareness for strategic, competitive campaigns in battleground states with well-known, regional artists.  Our shows had over 41K views averaging about 1K views per show. Our biggest show to support the Equal Rights Amendment was coordinated with more than 40 women’s rights organizations from across the US with amazing artists including Sean Lennon, Everclear's lead singer Art Alexakis, Cathy Richardson of Jefferson Starship, Crys Matthews, Ali Handal & Patricia Bahia and more. Our most important contribution was recruiting volunteers and helping campaigns in key states where Biden won: in AZ, GA, PA, MI, and WI.

The key is to craft calls to actions that are appropriate for the cause you are targeting.  Our calls to action were crafted by the organizations we supported.

Here’s an example of one of our shows:
More info here: 

And here:

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Answered on February 9, 2021
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Great question! We've tried a number of things but still searching for new inspiration as well. In the Netherlands what we'll do next month, instead of the large climate march that we had planned, is organize a large number of decentralised actions in small groups, with one shared online programme (speakers, music) that everyone can follow from one of the actions or participate from home. This will probably at least work to mobilize our own base, but we might not reach as much (national) media attention as we would with one big march. We think the large number of small actions will help to reach local news though throughout the country though.

Just wanted to share a few articles on this question that i saved from when the lockdown started at home 10 months ago:

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Answered on February 4, 2021